A home for teenage girls in crisis


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You just found out your 15 year old daughter is smoking pot.

Your 17 year old granddaughter was raped at a party…

Your 13 year old niece has been sexually exploited…

She’s cutting.
She’s rebellious.
She’s hurting.
And so are you.

Where do you turn?

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About Bloom

A Place for Girls is a short-term, Teen Challenge for girls program dedicated to helping teen girls, youth ages 12-17, and their families through difficult times. We offer a 3-5 month, faith-based residential program where girls can come into a safe environment and experience help, hope and freedom.  Through Biblical Counseling, Christian curriculum and compassionate 24/7 care, each girl is given an opportunity at a fresh start!

Bloom is a Group Residential, Teens Help & Treatment Center That Serves Troubled Adolescent Women Who Struggle with Emotional, Abuse or Substance Issues

Bloom – A Place for Girls provides a safe, structured, home-like residential facility for teenagers. Parents just don’t know what to do with an out of control teenager, or how to help a teen with depression and feel helpless when it’s their own daughter. Or maybe she’s battling anxiety or an unhealthy relationship with a boyfriend. It can be extremely difficult raising a child in today’s society. Every day they face all kinds of temptations, peer pressure, high expectations, violence and abuse.  The results can be more than devastating.  It’s not uncommon for parents of adolescents to see anger or rage issues, substance abuse, physical abuse, sexual promiscuity, depression, anxiety, suicide attempts and more. At Bloom, we understand these issues. We understand them because we’re here helping teenage daughters like yours battle with them every hour of the day.

Depression, anxiety and many other kinds of emotional issues can lead to such things as drug addition, alcoholism, cutting, running away, anger problems, stealing, vandalism, out of control actions, and the list goes on. We help them overcome these things. However, not all issues are internally based. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse from others leads to a myriad of symptoms. We help get to the bottom of the internal turmoil they are experiencing and provide a solid foundation upon which to build their recovery.

A Christian, Faith-Based Program and the Best Alternative to Mental Health and Teenage Girl Problems Rehabilitation Centers

Bloom is a program of the world-renowned Teen Challenge organization that provides time-proven, Christian, faith-based, residential programs for youth, teens and adults in crisis. Bloom girls home is for teen girls in crisis. We successfully lead troubled adolescent girls in teenage crisis situations to the other side. Many parents prefer sending their daughters to Bloom – A Place for Girls instead of a traditional teens group home, mental health facility, or teens treatment center.

You may have already tried traditional teen care facilities or mental health facilities or even a boot camp for teenage girls, without success. Our short-term, residential center is one of only two in the country to focus solely on the unique issues faced by today’s adolescent females. Although we draw young people in need of help from all over the U.S. and Canada, most of our students come from CT, MA, NH, VT, NY, NJ, PA, OH, Montreal and Quebec.

Sending your daughter to a home so far away from you can seem difficult at first, but removing her from her current situation and familiar area is important to a successful recovery. We believe our Teen Challenge Bloom for Girls program works better than a typical rehab for teenage girls.

A Home for Girls in Crisis

Bloom is a true home away from home for troubled girls. Our accepting, safe environment is essential to program success and the growth and development of your daughter. We are not a traditional teen treatment center, rehab for teens, mental health facility, girls group home, or treatment program for teenage girl problems as we do not follow these traditional methods or treatments. We are however, a group youth and teen residential center that exists for the sole purpose of helping with the health and well-being of teenage girls struggling through times of crisis. Our successful faith-based youth programs for troubled teens consistently deliver healthy-minded young women back to their parents within a few months.

Some group schooling is also provided for the short period of time that she is here. Almost all of those who graduate from Bloom’s home for girls in crisis are genuinely grateful to have been saved from the situation they were in and are eager for a new beginning, feeling and believing they have a purpose in life.

Graduates of Bloom emerge stronger with a zest for living and an uplifting sense of having been healed and truly blessed. We firmly believe the Bloom program for troubled girls is the absolute best program in the country for teens in crisis mode. Any number of issues plague our youth today.

For more about the mental health of today’s troubled teenage youth or for information about New England’s Teen Challenge residential facilities for men, teenagers, and other Teen Challenge centers and facilities, visit the links at the bottom of that page.