Bloom – A Home for Girls in Crisis

teen treatment center for girls in crisis or trouble Cape Cod, help teens

Located in beautiful Cape Cod, MA, our residential facilities for teens help promote mental health and positive behavior. Bloom’s center specializes in trauma, mental health, harmful behavior, and many other areas of specialization for teens in crisis. We help our girls in crisis overcome their unique inner and external challenges and prepare them for the future. Our teens leave educated and prepared to achieve their dreams and thrive in their communities and new lives. Located in Massachusetts, our program takes place in our home on a large acre of land.

Bloom Home for Girls in Crisis in Massachusetts

Our beautiful center can house up to 10 girls in crisis at a time | Home for teens

Our beautiful center can welcome in ten girls in crisis at a time.

Our house features multiple common areas for the teens to form and grow | teens in crisis

Student living room in our beautiful home for girls in crisis in Massachusetts. In this room, teens can interact and form close bonds as well as reflect internally as they develop new life skills.

at risk youth programs ma | for kitchen picture this is a picture of the kitchen of the house with open space and plenty of seating for everyone to foster an environment where everyone can enjoy their meals together and bond and learn together, teen treatment center for youth | Place for Teens

Our beautiful kitchen in our home in MA. While our in-home staff do cook, our teens are encouraged to experiment and learn cooking skills as well.

Experience the beautiful power of nature | girls in crisis

On almost an acre of land in Massachusetts, our home allows for many fun outdoor activities for the teens – when it isn’t snowing at the center!

We use the center’s land in Massachusetts as a supplementary resource in our program. Our program believes in positive outdoor activity’s abilities to improve the connection to the world, to life, and to The Lord. As a Christian Faith-Based organization, we provide biblical instruction and counseling in-home.

educational courses and help for girls in crisis, we are here to do all we can | her and your whole family
Faith-based learn and growth

In our classroom, each girl studies foundational Christian curriculum as part of the New Testament Christian School Homeschool extension program.

Our house is open and welcome to all

Counseling Office:

Each girl that comes into the Bloom teen center has individual, group and family counseling with our Biblical Counselor.

The participants bunk together to promote growth as a group

Our dorm room can comfortably sleep 10, with live-in staff available 24/7 to our students.

Our bathroom can hold multiple clients at a time when it's time to get ready

Student bathroom