Family Support is Critical

There are countless statistics that tell us the impact of drug use in our society – but as a parent of a daughter struggling with drugs and alcohol you know better than anyone the real cost of drugs.  You know the worry you have as a parent waiting up for your daughter to come home at night.  You know the fear when the phone rings in the middle of the night.  You know that she is gambling with her education, her future and her very life.

Drug and alcohol use doesn’t just impact the one using them – it impacts the entire family.  Parents…siblings…grandparents.  Everyone in the home is impacted by the choices of just one person in the home.

Drugs and alcohol disintegrates family relationships, destroys trust and breaks hearts.

At Bloom, we are dedicated to ministering to the entire family.  Just as drug and alcohol use in the home impacts the entire family, the entire family needs to experience restoration and recovery together if there is going to be long-lasting change.  For that reason, we provide family counseling and parent workshops for the family of each girl we have enter our program.

It is vital that your daughter knows she is loved by her family, but also important that boundaries are drawn to protect you and your other children during this time.  Your daughter needs to know that her actions will not be tolerated within the home or around the family.

An excellent way to learn and find support from other families who face the same issues is to join a support group in your local area.  We can help you find one.


What Should Families and Drug Abusers Know?

There is hope!

You can help them get the help they need.  While your daughter is still under 18, you can take the steps to give them the help they need.  Make the decision before it is too late.

We can help you determine if Bloom is the right program for you and your daughter.   As a member of a referral network, if we are not the right program we will help you find the one that is. Call us for help today… 774-300-8070.