Regardless of how many promises to yourself and your loved ones you have broken, regardless of how many times you have tried and failed, there is hope. You can change.

Although there are many modalities in available treatment programs, none will work unless you really want to change.

Adult & Teen Challenge encourages you to Try God. Lasting change begins from the inside out and starts with God’s help. Over the past fifty years thousands of former addicts helped by Adult & Teen Challenge are proof that God’s love impacts lives and change is possible.

Attend a presentation by a Adult & Teen Challenge choir where you will hear personal stories and visit with those who are overcoming their addictions (schedules of performance are posted here) or visit a Adult & Teen Challenge center close to you to learn more from former addicts who daily celebrate their freedom and change.

When you are ready to start the journey to sobriety, to wholeness, to “normal”, contact Adult & Teen Challenge. Your life will never be the same. Your past may be filled with tragedies and broken promises, but your future can be very promising.

If you don’t want help from Adult & Teen Challenge, please check out other available support groups (Celebrate Recovery has many effective chapters) or residential programs that may be nearby.

You can be free.

There is hope.

You can change.

Never give up.