Do you know someone close to you who is struggling with drug addiction or some form of substance abuse? Have you ever felt like just giving up on them because the situation feels hopeless? We encourage you to keep pressing on and to encourage them going to treatment. It may seem obvious but treatment for drug addiction is the most effective way to get an addict to stop using. When dealing with a loved one and substance abuse, remember, there is still a chance.

Many of us have loved ones or close friends that we care about that just have seemed to fall off the tracks of their goals. The individual had once been so outgoing and loving, and now they are hard to recognize. This person could be as close as your mother or father, or as distant as your co-worker. Regardless of the relationship you have with them, you can make a difference with encouraging treatment.

Don’t give up hope on this individual; there are a lot of successful programs that are willing to help. America is now putting their finger on the issue of addiction, and it seems that the doors for treatment are opening more each day. When we give up the hope, we are really writing the person off in our mind and counting them as nonredeemable. This is certainly not the case, and I can certainly thank my parents and other people who did not give up on me to someday get the help that I needed.

What’s holding you back from trying to get involved with getting that person you know to get help from drug addiction? Substance abuse will continue to grow rapidly, especially if we do not focus on prevention and proper treatment. We pray for you and your family the addict would be set free by God’s grace. Give Adult & Teen Challenge New England a call today, and see what we provide for substance abuse.