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What Change Looks Like

You’ve never met them face-to-face … Neal, Kristy and baby Caleb … But you’re such a huge part of their family that it’s probably time. Neal and Kristy met their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the ministry of Adult & Teen Challenge. And that’s not all … they met each other here too. By God’s […]

Substance Abuse Treatment

Do you know someone close to you who is struggling with drug addiction or some form of substance abuse? Have you ever felt like just giving up on them because the situation feels hopeless? We encourage you to keep pressing on and to encourage them going to treatment. It may seem obvious but treatment for […]

Inside OUT

***This is a sequel to the previous blog post called “Outside IN”. These are two perspectives; one as seeing an addict, and one as being an addict. Children laughing, people clapping, smiles present, happiness and contentment seem so common to those around me, how is this possible? As I ride by the parks where I […]