When I was ycross-1234020-640x480ounger, I never thought of church as more than a building where people would gather. I had friends who went to Catholic service and they were serious about it, but I never heard about who Jesus was. My entire life, I had always questioned if there was a God, until I was in the darkest place of addiction, and then He revealed Himself to me with power.  The faith-based solution saved, restored, and killed the desire for drugs in my life.

Today, we must embrace the faith-based solution to drug addiction. As a former drug addict who did not believe in God, I can say that this is an important route to seek. Despite the argument of whether addiction is a disease or not, we believe that you can be changed, healed, and restored to wholeness by a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This has worked for millions of people, and the testimony is prevalent in the church, but ignored in the secular world of addiction.

The solution to drug addiction is philosophical, not scientific or medical.  Even though there are many things that can be proven or observed through scientific and medical avenues, they haven’t been able to offer a solution to drug addiction. Scientists and doctors can observe the effects of drug addiction and even prescribe medication biologically, but they can’t do the work for the individual of changing their lives. This is where the philosophical approach of how to provide a solution for the drug addict comes in.

There are many approaches out there, but the faith-based one must not be discredited to be successful. We have heard a lot about thirty-day, ninety-day, and one year programs that do some form of counseling, 12 step, etc. All of these solutions have their pros and cons amongst the drug rehabilitation community, but we ask that you would consider the faith-based solution, that is building a relationship with Jesus Christ and discovering your purpose on this earth.

Many people, who have been healed, sometimes by not even going through a program, will testify that it was the power of God. For the rehabilitation community to ignore this or to assert that this cannot be the case is completely unreasonable. Despite what many believe and say, there is power in the faith-based community for healing from drug addiction. We would like for you to consider the many lives that have been changed through Adult & Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey. There are people from New England and across the world that will say that Jesus has changed their lives. With so many people free from drug addiction by the faith-based solution, why would you not consider it?